How To Find A Four Leaf Clover

On our property, here at, we have an area of the yard that we refer to as the “Honey Hole”. From this roughly 10 foot by 10 foot patch of clovers we source well over 95% of our four leaf clovers.

The best piece of advice we can give to someone who is hunting four leaf clovers is that where you find one, you are likely to find more. If you do find one, it is well worth your while to continue searching the immediate area (withing a few inches) of the first one. Though there does not appear to be scientific consensus on the matter, it is our belief that a genetic mutation is what produces a four leaf clover. Since neighboring clovers have at least some probability of being genetically similar, the odds are in your favor that when you see one clover with the four leaf mutation, you may see another one close by.

The video below shows one of our workers in the field managing to find not one, but two four leaf clovers in quick succession.

The following two images each have a perfect specimen four leaf clover in them, can you find them? (click on the image to enlarge)