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We are your one source for buying lucky four leaf clovers online! We offer naturally grown 100% authentic white clovers (Trifolium repens). Our four leaf clovers are hand picked. Our pickers have gotten quite good at finding them, though they are very rare. Rarer yet are our lucky five leaf clovers.


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Four Leaf Clover – Our Clovers

Our three leaf clovers, four leaf clovers, and five leaf clovers are sourced straight from our field in the United States. We harvest our clovers on a daily basis, weeks in advance of shipping them to our customers. From harvest to a finished pressed, dried, and preserved clover many steps are used.

Four Leaf Clover – The Process

Preparing our clovers for distribution takes weeks or sometimes months. Immediately after harvesting, the specimens are positioned and pressed. After a few days, the clovers are sprayed to maintain color and vibrancy. They are then pressed again for up to two weeks. When completely dry, our clovers undergo a multi step mounting process.


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